Speech bubbles?

Make every occasion festive with Wolkie Talkie! Curious how to use Wolkie Talkie?

The simple principles:
– Step 1: get one of the thought or speech bubbles
– Step 2: write your message
– Stap 3: Step 3: take a picture! (or just wander around the party with your bubble…)

Want to take a new picture? Use the top of the pen to wipe the bubble clean, and start again……

What’s in a set of Wolkie Talkies?

Our experience has taught us that the more Wolkies, the more fun….one picture can tell an entire whole story. Therefore to assist your creativity you get three Wolkies from the get-go!

The content of a Wolkie Talkie set:
– A large speech bubble
– A small speech bubble
– A thought bubble
– Three pens with an eraser

All for just € 19,95,- per set!

You can have your Wolkies in 2-3 working days in your home.

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